Example of Livescan Setup

The typical setup of the livescan in the records office.  The capture component of the instrument is on the left.  The two glass plates in the front are used to capture the image of the individual fingers and the palm of the hand.  The "flat four" image is displayed on the monitor.


An image of a right flat thumb is displayed, note the red indicator on the left side of the screen, cuing the operator to sample the right thumb.


The glass platen on the front of the unit functions as a scanner to pick up the ridges of the characteristics in the fingerprints.


Sheriff Richard Pisciotti and Chief Deputy Richard House at the briefing and demonstration to the media. 


A similar, more ruggedized unit is in place in the jail booking area.  The unit is enclosed in a steel cabinet.  This unit has an additional camera that captures inmates images as they are booked in with traditional "mug shot".


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