Emergency Notifications

The Sheriff's Office works hand in hand with other divisions of government to enhance public safety.  We have a close working relationship with Constellation Energy and we plan and train regulary on issues of importance with our Emergency Management Office. 

In order to keep our citizens informed of issues that may be of concern to them, we occasionally need to contact them by telephone.  

Some situations where we might make a public notification might be:

  • Missing Children / Elderly

  •  Evacuations

  • Flood or Fire Disasters

  • Power Interruptions / Outage

  • Hostage Situations

  • Wellness Check For Elderly or Handicapped

  • Storm / Weather Alerts

  • Terrorism Alert

  • Boil Water Alerts

  • Snow Emergencies

  • Shelter Placements

  •  Power Plant Alerts (Nuclear)

  • Prison / Jail Break Alerts

A link to our Emergency Management Office is HERE

Usually, this is just a matter of having our 911 Center make a group notification via the telephone or our Emergency Management Office calling numbers from a list of people who have requested to be notified of public emergencies.  The increase in the use of cell phones and VOIP telephones (Vonage, Road Runner,etc) has made this more difficullt.  In an effort to maintain the same level of service to our citizens, this office is making available to the public, the same system that we currently use tp notify our Public Officials and Department Members of items of special concern.

If you would like to have your VOIP, Cellular, or unlisted telephone added to our list for emegency notifications, click on the link below and add your information.  There is no charge for the service and all information is used for emergency notifications only.


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