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The law enforcement arm of the Wayne County Sheriff falls under the general operating title of Police Services. Under the command of Chief Deputy Richard House, Police Services consists of the Road Patrol, Criminal Investigations and Civil Divisions.

Criminal Investigations - Lt. Brian Ameele

When a Road Patrol Deputy takes a citizen's report of a burglary, arson or other major crime, it is the responsibility of the Criminal Investigations Division to follow-up and investigate such crimes. The criminal investigation process is one of the most important police responses to the problem of crime. Investigators interview witnesses, as well as defendants. They piece together information, process crime scenes and prepare cases for court. Not only handling Sheriffs cases, the members of the Criminal Investigations Division also assist other police agencies in investigating and preparing their cases.


Road Patrol - Lt. Robert Milby

As sworn police officers, the Road Patrol has the responsibility as your public protectors. Their duty is to maintain public tranquility while making sure that the legal rights of all citizens are protected. Although the road patrol deputy has a variety of tasks from finding lost children to issuing parking tickets, their primary duty is to prevent unwanted accidents, bodily harm, or loss of property. They are lawmen and women who watch over and protect the public day and night.


Civil Division - Lt. Stephen Sklenar

The Civil Division fulfils the constitutional requirements of the Sheriff to serve civil papers and collect fines. In 1985, the Civil Office processed over a quarter million dollars. Today, the Civil Office processes more than 1.75 million dollars per year.



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